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The latest iPod is the iPod Video. It is thin. Very thin. Not quite iPod Nano thin, but then again, at 30 gigabytes of storage the smallest iPod Video still holds 6 times the songs and pictures…not to mention IT PLAYS VIDEOS! Downloading videos is a relatively simple process…if you download from iTunes. If you’re looking to add video you already have on your computer in *.mov, *.avi, or other formats, a conversion tool is required (just search Download.com for “iPod Video converter or MP4 converter and you’ll come up with dozens of options). After initial conversion, your video files can simply be added to your iTunes library and you can manage them along with songs and photos as easily as dragging and dropping them onto your iPod. When you’ve got the music, pictures, and videos on your iPod, they are all accessible on the go. The battery life is better than older iPods, but I was still bummed when it drained so quickly after watching video. Another drawback in the battery department is the conspicuous absence of an AC charger. Since the iPod Video uses USB 2.0, it recharges through the USB 2.0 port on your computer and no independent charger is included. There are car adapter chargers and external battery pack chargers available as accessories. A minor annoyance, but if you’re the type of person who drains his iPod regularly, you’ll notice. The price of an iPod is deceptively high. The 30GB runs in the neighborhood of $299. A major investment, but that buys you the premiere piece of electronics that is rock stable and any issues that arise, has second-to-none customer service. My first iPod had lower battery life than I wanted, so I emailed Apple…they sent me a box to return it and within a week it was replaced. In the end, the iPod Video is the sexy, artistic electronic standard you’d expect from Apple. If flawless performance and ease of operation aren’t reason enough to own one, the absolutely gorgeous cosmetic presentation should be enough to snap you awake (it’s now in black! It doesn’t get much prettier than that). Short and Sweet: SAVE UP AND BUY. Everyone needs an iPod. If you don’t think you need one now, save up for one. They’re like televisions or computers; their value is far greater than their cost. The iPod Video is the luxury version right now, but the amenities are portable videos!

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