Solange Dropped from Geffen

In a story that originally broke in April, Solange has officially been dropped from her label. This past spring when rumors swirled about the cropped coif Knowles sister, they were written off as just that: rumors. Now, however, it has become apparent that Solange and Geffen did part ways several months ago.

While some reports are alleging she was dropped completely, others are making it seem as if this was partially Solange’s decision, stating she preferred to move on to a smaller, independent label which would give her additionalcreative freedom.

Whatever the case, some fans are up in arms arguing that Solange’s edgy style, though extremely different, is no less talent-filled than her superstar sister’s, Beyonce. However, her role as younger sister and later-comer to the game may keep her far beneath her big sister’s massive worldwide success, despite her artistic and musical abilities.

For now, though, it seems as if Solange is moving forward with her 3rd CD, currently in production. We will just have to wait and see what label it’s released on as she is currently acting independently. 

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