According to BET  *Lee Daniels says he doesn’t have time to get caught up in the back-and-forth between one of the executive producers of his new film “Precious,” in theaters Friday, and his personal mentor, Spike Lee.

      Lee has made it known that he likens Perry’s work unto minstrel shows, and Perry responded in a “60 Minutes” interview last week, saying he was “insulted” and “pissed off” over Spike’s comments.

      Daniels says he is close to both filmmakers and has no intention of taking sides.

      “First of all Spike is a mentor. He’s the reason why I’m talking to you right now as a filmmaker,” the director told us Sunday during the film’s red carpet screening in Hollywood. “He loves the film, and he and I are very good friends now. It’s a very exciting time now for black filmmakers.”

      As for the Spike/Tyler beef, “I’m not involved with that,” he said. “I don’t’ know about he and Tyler. We don’t talk about it, at all.

      “My mother said something was going on, but I’m so in the middle of my next film right now, and in between press for this, I don’t really have time.

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