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Jay Z’s controversial anti-Christian lyrics (Video)

Christ can’t save you and life won’t begin until Christianity ends.” Those are the blasphemous lyrics in the hit Jay Z (Jigga) song “Empire State of Mind” featuring Alica Keys.

The rap icon is known as the king of the double entendre, but these lyrics only mean one thing—Jesus means nothing to Jigga.

In the tradition of the 5%’ers (a belief system influenced by the Nation of Islam), Jay Z isn’t the only artist to have used Hip Hop to assault Christianity.

We’re not sure how his beliefs affect his wife Beyonce who is a professed Christian and was raised Methodist. (She had to stop attending a Houston church last year because fans kept distracting her during service).

However, the lyrics have clearly offended many Christian You Tubers. Among them, a Christian spoken word/rap artist Jose Polas (scroll down to watch video), gives Christ-dissin’ rappers a tongue lashing. He says Jay Z has lost “his entire mind.

” The problem is that everyone knows Jay Z. Jose is unknown to the masses. Upon viewing the performance, there are less than 100 views of the poet’s video. He has the support of the audience, but has a long way to go before his counter attack can penetrate popular culture. Will Holy Hip Hop make its way into the mainstream to avenge Christ’s name against the onslaught of negativity about Christianity?

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