T.I. Possibly Coming Home Early

I’m sure this is great news to all of you faithful fans out there. Yes… yes… yes… his attorneys have been talking about the self proclaimed “King of the South” possibly coming home sooner than expected.

According to one of Tip’s attorney’s, namely Steve Sadow, he reportedly told XXL Magazine:

has a projected release date in “approximately the fourth week of March 2010. Now it is up to the [Federal] Bureau of Prisons to decide whether someone should be placed in a halfway house prior to the projected release date,” Sadow explained. “The Bureau of Prisons can do that and typically does it either a month before, or two months before… as much as six months before the projected release date. We are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, we do not have any control over it. The Bureau of Prisons makes that decision entirely on its own, they don’t share that decision with the public and they don’t share that decision with the defense lawyers,”

T.I.’s original release date is May 2010, which is just two months more than this hopeful news, but that’s two months closer to smelling freedom than was slated for the Atlanta rapper.

Other sources have stated that the early release conditions are due to the fact that has exhibited exceptional behavior while incarcerated and also other “model” factors that have contributed to the Federal Bureau of Prisons even making these considerations.

T.I. is serving a one year and one day sentence for his 2007 arrest before the BET Awards for illegally obtaining weapons which is a federal charge.

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