Whitney Houston comes back InStyle

(InStyle) — Chanteuse Whitney Houston is back and she is better than ever!

The one-of-a-kind star is happy, healthy and ready for what’s next.

The singer spoke with InStyle magazine and shared her comeback secrets in the magazine’s January’s issue.

The 46-year-old sex symbol even gave some tips on how to be alluring.

“Sexy can be sexual without having to expose a lot of yourself,” she said. “Your body can express a lot without your having to take off a lot. I try to splash it in there a little bit, just by body movement. ”

The stylish singer said for her, less is more.

“A smile, a little glance, the way you lean back says sexy without being too open or offending anyone,” Houston revealed. “Because once they’ve seen it all, they go, ‘Man, I’m bored with that,’ instead of ‘Hmm, what’s she going to do now?'”

Check out more of Houston’s exclusive interview in the January issue on newsstands December 18th

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