OS 5.0 pushed out for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour

OS 5.0 pushed out for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour

When it was first leaked it earned something of a reputation for being moody, but Verizon is clearly confident that BlackBerry OS will serve Tour 9630 users well because it’s now pushing out the software OTA complete with Push-To-Talk capabilities. A truncated change-log is available after the jump, but first we have one simple question for you. How’s it feel?

* Camera
o Smoother operation in both camera and video applications.
* Calling
o Improved Bluetooth® functionality for last number dialed.
o Enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English.
o Improved missed call log now shows missed Call Waiting calls.
o Upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer.
* Messaging
o Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding, and deleting SMS messages.
o Corrected in-box display when device is used with a holster.
* Media
o Better video streaming functionality.
o Enhanced display for MMS messages containing both video and text.
o Improved multitasking ability while streaming and downloading videos from www.youtube.com
* Basic Operations
o Improved operation during charging.
o Simplified key-lock functionality. A password is no longer needed unless a security timeout has occurred.
o Improved GPS connectivity when using third-party mapping applications.
o Push to Talk-capable



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