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Thanks To Adobe, Gaming On Android Has Never Looked Better [Video]

Android isn’t known for its elaborate or pretty games. There are some great gems to be discovered out there, but the library of games that you can get right now doesn’t even come close to what Apple’s mobile platforms offer. All of that could be set to change, though, as we know AIR and Flash are making their way to the Android platform soon.

One developer – Josh from Bowler Hat Games – has been playing around with AIR and Flash for a while now, and has already conjured up a port of his recently released Chroma Circuit for the Motorola Droid. It may not look like much compared to what you can find on the market now, but his ability to port the game over with little effort spells nice things for the future of Android games (and apps in general).

If this is what “buggy and bloaty” looks like, then I will take a big spoonful of it. I can’t wait until we start seeing more of what could be in store for Android as more developers embrace AIR and Flash for mobile devices.

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