WiimoteController for Android (Video)

WiimoteController is an application that enables a Wii remote to connect to your Android device and control apps on your phone!

Developed by XDA forum member pikipirs, WiimoteController v0.1 is currently in alpha so may not work with all Android devices or all Android OS versions.

Currently limited to 30 minute sessions of connectivity, pikipirs has requested that any testers please report back on results.

Originally posted by pikipirs Device/OS pairs that this app is reported working on:

* Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod 5.0.6

* Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod

* Google Nexus One/Stock Android 2.1

* Motorola Milestone/Stock Android 2.0.1 Device/OS pairs that this app probably does not work on:

* Google Nexus One/MoDaCo Alpha r21 Custom ROM Desire Port Download In The Android Market

Source XDA

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