Dr. Dre Hip-Hop’s first Billionaire? That’s what he says! [VIDEO]

After a recently published article by forbes that listed P- as Hip-Hop's first likely billionaire, Dr. Dre made an announcement of his own! In a video released by Tyrese Gibson posted to his Facebook page, Dr. Dre is seen bragging about being Hip Hop's first Billionaire.

For the record this statement isn't without merit. recently approached Beats Auido and is rumor to be in talks to aquire the company for more then 3.2 billion dollars.

Earlier in the video, Gibson proclaimed, “The Forbes list [of wealthy individuals] just changed,” to which the Dre added, “In a big way.”

Gibson has {pulled|yanked} the video from his Facebook page, but {someone|another person} uploaded a ripped {version|release} to YouTube. We have that version here. (The video contains bad language. You have been warned!)

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