Miami Voted Best City For Guys With Facial Hair

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It’s a recipe for happiness anywhere, especially in Miami, where beards are abuzz. The city’s let-it-grow lifestyle is why it now holds the title of Most Facial Hair Friendly City in America, according to an annual study from Wahl, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair.

After a 15th place finish last year, Miami has rebounded handsomely. What’s more, Miami’s standing as the facial hair Promised Land was further cemented when the Miami Marlins joined Wahl in celebrating the city’s whiskered citizens and fans in a weekend program to benefit charity.

“We’d like to congratulate Miami on becoming this year’s most facial hair friendly city,” said Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl. “We’re excited to partner with the Marlins to celebrate facial hair at their stadium with their fans.”

Even the Marlins’ team barber Hugo “Juice” Tandron is excited about Miami’s facial hair accomplishment. “Whether they have facial hair or not, guys all around the league fly me out to make them look good,” said Tandron. “And when they look good, they feel good, and I think it helps them play good.”

2016 Top 25 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities:

1.    Miami (up 14 spots)

14.  Baltimore (up 9 spots)

2.    Washington D.C. (down 1 spot)

15.  Kansas City, Mo. (up 3 spots)

3.    Dallas (up 16 spots)

16.  Los Angeles (down 14 spots)

4.    Atlanta (up 10 spots)

17.  New Orleans (up 4 spots)

5.    Austin (up 20 spots)

18.  Chicago (down 11 spots)

6.    Minneapolis (up 10 spots)

19.  Denver (down 13 spots)

7.    Seattle (down 4 spots)

20.  Nashville (down 15 spots)

8.    Portland (up 14 spots)

21.  San Diego (down 12 spots)

9.    Pittsburgh (NEW to Top 50)

22.  Sacramento, Calif. (down 11 spots)

10.  San Francisco (down 6 spots)

23.  Tampa (up 1 spot)

11.  Boston (up 6 spots)

24.  Albuquerque (up 24 spots)

12.  Las Vegas (up 8 spots)

25.  Houston (up 3 spots)

While general facial hair popularity helped dictate the results of the study, notable facial-hair-related events contributed to the rankings. Last year’s winner, Washington D.C., fell only one spot. Rounding out the top three was Dallas, a place where cowboys roam and are all but required to wear facial hair. Not surprising, Texas, a state with more beard and facial hair clubs per capita than almost anywhere else, was a big winner, boasting five facial hair friendly cities in the top 50.

See the Top 50 list.

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