Is Dua Lipa turning into a Diva?

The last thing any celebrity wants to be called is the D word. DIVA. Unfortunately for Dua Lipa, it seems like it’s already begun and so early into her career.

The One Kiss singer was allegedly displeased with where her dressing room for the BRIT Awards was located. Apparently, her dressing room was right beside a spa and it meant that a good number of people was always in the area. What set Dua Lipa off was the fact that people who came to and from this backstage beauty spa were wishing her well. Now that’s just unacceptable, isn’t it?

How dare these people wish her good luck?

Well, for Dua Lipa, it was just way too much. To prove her point she slammed her dressing room door after taking her name down from outside the room. Too many good luck messages, perhaps? Was she starting to feel like people doubted her capability to bag an award that night?

Unfortunately for the new diva, the only award she won for the evening, she shares with Calvin Harris for One Kiss.

Dua Lipa BRIT awards

Less than 2 years in the mainstream music industry

Not a lot of people know Dua Lipa because of how short her career has been. Her first studio album came out not 2 years ago, in June of 2017. Undeniably, her singles have become top hits and she’s been the subject of many a LANY songs.  With such a short time in the mainstream music industry, the news of Dua Lipa’s diva attitude won’t do her any good.

Without your fans, what are you anyway? It’s not as though she’s exceptionally talented.

Ariana Grande faced backlash for being a diva to her fans a few years back. But, when you’ve been named the next Mariah Carey, you’re technically given a pass for being a diva.


Dua Lipa


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