The Best Escape Rooms In Seattle

If you have a Thirst for Adventure Here's a List of the Top 20 Escape Rooms in Seattle.
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The “escape room” adventure is one of the hottest new pastimes in the country – and for good reason. They’re a blast. Full of suspense, intrigue, mystery, good times, and great fun, the best escape rooms in Seattle are an absolute joy to experience with a group of friends.

If you’re not familiar with the escape room concept, they break down like this: you and a group of friends get placed in a colorful, themed room packed full of clues that leads you to “escape.” Figure out the puzzle and get out before the ticking clock reaches zero, and you win!

For those of you visiting the Emerald City, there are plenty of escape rooms in Seattle to enjoy on your visit! Here’s our list of the top options for escape rooms in Seattle.

1) Space War

One of the many great escape rooms from the Quest Factor Escape Room chain, visitors can find this escape room in the chain’s South Lake Union location. The mission? Try to escape and save a princess before an evil space villain destroys her home planet. Go ahead and guess what movie this particular escape room is from!

2) National Treasure

Add in a little Nicolas Cage to your escape room quest. Inspired by one of the real cheesy movie pleasures of the new millennium, this intriguing escape room at the Quest Factor Shoreline location has guests looking for a purloined Declaration of Independence.

3) Cell Block 12

Throw yourself in the clink – and try to escape – with this standout escape room from Seattle Escape Games. It’s a great introductory game for beginners; after all, what’s more faithful to the theme of these games than an escape from prison?

4) Pirates of the Caribbean

Head out to the nearby Redmond location of the Quest Factor escape rooms for some genuine “yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum” fun. This medium-level difficulty escape room brings authentic Johnny Depp-level vibes to an escape room. Players need to escape the clutches of a rowdy gang of pirates near a tropical island. Ahoy, mateys!

5) Enter the Machine

A mixture of alien adventure and steampunk, this room from Ninja Escape games has players disarming an evil, tentacled alien-dispensing “machine” before time runs out.

6) Thor

In this fun Redmond escape room by the Quest Factor escape rooms, players must retrieve the hero’s legendary hammer to help him defeat a band of evildoers. This fun escape room is the perfect option for those fans of popular comic book movies – or ones that are fans of Norse mythology.

7) The Worlds Fair Affair

For those that want a real dose of the Emerald City along with their escape room experience, the “World’s Fair Affair” is the place to go. Part of the Puzzle Break Seattle chain, this “love letter to Seattle history and culture” is a fantastic and fun room that’s a beautiful and informative capper for a trip to the city.

8) Escape from 20,000 Leagues

Based on the famous Jules Verne book, this aquatic adventure (taking place entirely on land, of course) requires the players to escape from the peril of the watery depths. This is another standout location on the Puzzle Break Seattle chain, this one on the heart of the Capitol Hill area.

9) Escape the Midnight Carnival

One of the most popular escape rooms for the Puzzle Break Seattle chain, this room is the ideal spot for a night out with friends – or a team-building exercise with co-workers. Filled with trinkets and engaging clues, the escape from the “midnight carnival” is one of the most colorful adventures of all the escape rooms in Seattle.

10) Raven and the Red Death

This escape room from “Epic Team Adventures” is the must-go spot for anyone that’s a fan of Edgar Allan Poe or Gothic American-style mysteries. It’s one of the toughest escape rooms in Seattle, so it’s perfect for anyone that wants a real challenge with their puzzle room. The literary theme gives a very cool feeling to this room’s atmosphere.

11) Georgetown Morgue

One of the more morbid – but captivating – games in the Seattle area, this dark but fun game puts you in a locked-in mortician’s laboratory that players must escape from before the time runs out. It’s spectacularly decorated and designed.

12) Vault of the Volcano God

Take a trip to the islands in the middle of Seattle with the “Vault of the Volcano God” escape room from Epic Team Adventures. Another colorful and fun room, this escape is a different twist on the traditional style with scoring “points” instead of merely escaping.

13) The Bank Job

In the authentic style of the great “bank heist” movies, this room from Seattle Escape Games puts you amid a fun, high-energy caper. It’s not the best game for beginners – this is a difficult one – but it’s great for anyone that needs a mind-teaser.

14) Abducted

One of the trickier escape rooms in all of Seattle, this challenging and fun game is a pulse-pounding thriller that puts the player in the position of an abductee that must escape from their captor. Not for the faint of heart!

15) The Storykeeper

A standout from the Locurio escape room, The Storykeeper is intricately designed and wonderfully scripted. An active and engaging game, “The Storykeeper” puts players in the position of exploring the secrets of a hidden library.

16) The Vanishing Act

Abracadabra! The other favorite from Locurio, “The Vanishing Act” brings your escape room team to explore the dressing room of a famous magician. It’s one of the best escape rooms in Seattle.

17) Ninja vs. Zombies

A standout from the Fremont-area Ninja Escape games, these hilarious (and slightly scary) escapes come in two different versions – the original “Trapped in a Room With a Zombie” and “Trapped in a Room With a Zombie II: Still Hungry.”

18) Deadbeards Revenge

One of the more creative escape rooms in Seattle, this epic Ninja Escape game puts players on a time-traveling pirate ship called “The Revenge” to try to steal a magical crystal.

19) Zodiac Serial Killer

Based on the famous case, this escape room from Fox in a Box places an escape room team in the middle of an insane serial killer’s lair. It’s a game of moderate difficulty – perfect for those just above beginner-level.

20) Dive to Atlantis

From “The Escape Artist” escape rooms, Dive to Atlantis is a full-motion escape room experience that has players try the solve a puzzle and unlock a famous relic of the lost city.

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