Tar Covered Gators: BG melts the Block down…

What we have right here can’t be denied… New Orleans is still standing and it is still in the place to be. You know that when Domi is on location, Houston is on location. And today, the #1 Hot Girl, stands face to face with the original #1 Hot Boy himself, BG. The “Heart of the Streets” hangs out ...

Baby Cham: The Medium is the Message

Special Alert: What you are about to read includes some terms with which you may not be familiar. They are not typos, but are in fact real words used in the course of an everyday Caribbean conversation. To aid you in your reading, however, a brief key has been provided: (“DJ”=music ...

Da Backwuds – Stepping Into The Game in a MAJOR WAY

Another super duo is emerging from the sticks of Georgia… blending a raw lyrical presence with tight beats and a thorough knowledge of all things music, Da Backwuds are putting Decatur, GA back on the map! Composed of cousins Big Marc and Sho-Nuff, Da Backwuds have a style and sound that is unique ...

David Banner: Rapper, Civil Rights Activist

David Banner has been in the news a lot lately. He's helped the hurricane victims in the Gulf States. He's angry about not getting enough media coverage for disaster victims, and he's topping the charts with his third album, Certified. Some say he's a shrewd businessman, some say he's a ...

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