Marcus Jordan Costs School Adidas Endorsement

For the last few months, University of Central Florida and Adidas have been going back and forth over the issue of Michael Jordans shoes being worn. Okay, so I know that sounds vague but here’s exactly what the issue is:

Michael’s son Marcus Jordan is a freshman at UCF and plays for their basketball team. The school has a five year endorsement deal with Adidas for all coaches and athletes to wear only Adidas apparel and shoes during all athletic games. The school is in it’s last year of this deal which ends June 30, 2010, and from the way things have just turned out, it might be for good.

On Wednesday night, Marcus wore a pair of white Air Jordans at the exhibition game against Saint Leo where they won 84-65. Marcus says that he will only wear his dads shoes because they are special to him and his family. 

Adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso commented to the Associated Press in an email, “The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to adidas,” further stating, “As a result we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward.”

UCF said in a statement Thursday that adidas was aware of the situation during contract renewal discussions. The university says it was “led to believe that there would be a workable solution to a unique situation.”

The folks at UCF initially had hopes that Adidas would understand the circumstances and would be willing to give a little on the contract but apparently not. I’m sure that UCF will get another endorsement deal without a problem. They may want to consider Nike since Marcus refuses to switch shoes. It would be in their best interest if they did so as to not lose any more money from situations such as this.

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