Rihanna Accused of Being a Rip-Off

When Rihanna’s “Rudeboy” video debuted last week, critics on the Internets responded almost instantaneously — many of them pointing out the similarities between the Melina Matsoukas-directed clip and the aesthetic of M.I.A. and her collaborators Major Lazer (DJ/producers Diplo and Switch).

Diplo, founder of record label Mad Decent and M.I.A.’s ex, called Ri Ri out on Twitter, “I wish rihanna would get off @majorlazer ballz.” Later he tweeted a more diplomatic response to the video: “U know im playin @rihanna is my shorty!”). But still “remixed” (blended the two songs together) to really drive the similarity point home.

With fashion forward videos like “Hard” feat. Young Jeezy under Rihanna’s sparkly belt –and not to mention an extremely successful career — it seems silly for her to have to infringe on someone’s territory like this. She has major resources (read: money), so her “video concept” possibilities were probably endless and she could have easily done something more in line with what she does (you know, like toting guns around twice the size of her).

But when it comes down to it, the amount of say Rhianna had in Rude Boy is debatable. Was she involved in developing the concept? Probably not. Would she have known she was ripping off M.I.A.? Maybe. Or did her people just “run it by her”? Most likely. More importantly, does M.I.A. even care? She has yet to comment.

People get inspiration (read: steal) ideas from everywhere. I thought the most shocking part was when she checks out her dancers “package.” And how do you get away with asking if he can “get it up” on the radio? Can Rihanna even play the drums? These are the questions we are now left asking ourselves. What do you think?

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