Alicia Keys Drops a new track ‘Speechless’ Featuring Eve

Listen to the new Alicia Keys track Speechless on

We haven’t heard a lot of new music from Alicia Keys recently, and with good reason. The lady only just gave birth to her first child–a little boy by the name of Egypt–weeks ago. And she’s been busy… dying (digitally) and raising $1 million for her Keep A Child Alive African AIDS relief organization. So she’s probably been mad busy feeding her baby organic baby food and dressing him up in adorable outfits and posting the pictures on Facebook. We wouldn’t know. Alicia Keys didn’t accept our Facebook friend request. Sniff.

That being said! We were pretty excited to get this audio post-Christmas present: It’s “Speechless,” a new Alicia track featuring Eve. Released as part of Swizz Beatz‘s (husband of Alicia Keys and father to baby Egypt) Monster Mondays series (sort of a take on Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. Fridays.)

It should come as little surprise that Alicia Keys’ first post-baby single is all about her new baby. And it should come as little surprise that “Speechless” is a lush, piano and electric guitar led vamp, with Alicia extolling the virtues of motherhood and Eve rapping about finding love when you least expect it.

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