30 Rock Star Needs Kidney Transplant

Not funny: 30 Rock’s Grizzwald Chapman desperately need a kidney.

The 35 year-old actor — who plays “Grizz,” bodyguard to Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) on NBC’s hit — appears on The Dr. Oz Show Tuesday, revealing that he suffers from severe hypertension that requires thrice-weekly dialysis.

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At 6-foot-11 and 378 pounds, Chapman needs to lose 75 pounds before he’s even healthy enough for a kidney transplant — and after that goal is reached, the wait list is at least five years.

On The Dr. Oz Show, Chapman admits that he ignored his high blood pressure for ten years and refused medication. “A lot of this stuff is new to me,” Chapman told the Daily News after the taping. “Opening up is something I have to learn how to do if I’m going to be in this business.”

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During Chapman’s appearance, Oz puts together a team of medical experts to help the actor change his eating and exercise habits to become eligible for the crucial new kidney.

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“The reality of the prognosis is … we don’t know,” Oz says. “It depends on how things are managed…He’s got a winning spirit, and if we follow his story carefully, everyone’s going to learn a lot from it

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