50 Cent Promotes “Tycoon” Tracksuit on TikTok

If you are among 50 Cent’s more than 3.3 million TikTok followers, you can view his latest clip wearing a tracksuit. That is right: You can see 50 Cent in a tracksuit with the expression “TYCOON” printed in front of his slick casual wear.

In the TikTok video, you can view Curtis James Jackson III getting off his SUV and boarding a plane. It is unclear where your favorite rap star was heading at that time, but you can tell 50 Cent in a tracksuit with the “TYCOON” word in front of it surely looks cool.

The rapper, who moonlights as a businessman, actor, and TV producer, is actually plugging the clothing on TikTok. 50 Cent captioned his social media post, saying “new day” and “new city.” 

Then, the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” musician recommended his fans get their Tycoon tracksuits at www.gunitbrands.com, the official website of clothing retailer G-Unit Brands, Incorporated. When you look at 50 Cent in a tracksuit, you can tell that you are not alone feeling wowed by his suave appearance.

You had better get your Tycoon tracksuit as soon as possible because it appears that it can get sold out soon. After all, the TikTok clip showing 50 Cent has already amassed more than 1.4 million fan likes and over 18,500 social media shares at the time of writing. 

Hence, you can tell these metrics exhibit fans who adore 50 Cent in a tracksuit and will most likely avail of the cool clothes soon. Based on the website 50 Cent mentioned in his TikTok post’s caption where you can order his Tycoon tracksuit, this apparel is “extremely limited edition.”

Additionally, the tracksuit, which costs US$129.99, comes in four hues, which are blue/orange, black, red, and green. If you decide to copy 50 Cent in a tracksuit, the sportswear also features tricot polyester with tackle twill accents, per G-Unit Brands, Incorporated. 

The latter also mentioned on their website that a small number of sold-out colors and sizes are available now for pre-ordering and would get shipped by early December. 

Finally, if you like 50 Cent in a tracksuit, you should not think twice about purchasing his casual clothing soon as the retailer mentioned that once colors get sold out, they are officially gone. 

Therefore, you should get your tracksuit today. You can then expect to have it shipped to you as soon as possible and feel and look as cool as 50 Cent.

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