50 Cent’s Possible Final Studio Album Mentioned by Rapper on IG


As a huge fan, you will surely feel sad when you learn about 50 Cent’s possible final studio album. But you will learn from Curtis James Jackson III about this possibility.

50 Cent’s possible final studio album is the topic of this 46-year-old New York City-born rapper’s Instagram post he uploaded yesterday, Monday, December 20. In this social media post, you will discover a bittersweet update on the musical project.

50 Cent was reflecting on his status in the hip-hop music industry. He captioned his Instagram post that has already raked in exactly 297,081 views at the time of writing, telling his fans to smile.

50 Cent’s possible final studio album was confirmed by the rapper himself, saying that his next project might be his last. This father of two children remarked that he “terrorized” the hip-hop music business for 14 years. 

He added, “Don’t believe me Nielsen, the numbers will never lie.” 50 Cent remarked that he is “nobody’s favorite Smh.” 

But you can tell that he was merely joking in this part of his social media post’s caption. After all, you will find him concluding his message by saying that he is among the top-10 rappers dead or alive.

If you believe that 50 Cent’s possible final studio album is coming soon and would be confirmed by Fif himself that it is, indeed, his last, you may wonder what he would be up to next. 

Well, in recent months, you learned that 50 Cent has been busy with his film and TV productions. His focus has, apparently, shifted towards these mediums. 

Additionally, many happy viewers feel ecstatic about the next season of “BMF.”  “The Power” franchise continues to flourish as well.

Therefore, with these other activities, you can feel assured that 50 Cent’s possible final studio album may be the rapper’s last project in the music industry. Nevertheless, you can be assured that he would still be active in the TV and film industries.

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