Addams Family Fans Left Ecstatic As Christina Ricci Joins Netflix’s Wednesday Cast

What could be more exciting than seeing another show on the most-famous Addams Family franchise? Absolutely nothing. Those who have seen the cartoons and the movies are well aware of its popularity for its eccentric characters and the eerie happenings in their home.

Well, you can look forward to more of the strange happenings as Netflix is adapting it into a series. The original cartoon was first aired in 1938 in New Yorker, and since then, it has been adapted into different media for its sheer popularity. The iconic characters are all set to return to screens in Netflix’s new supernatural-oriented mystery series adaptation “Wednesday,” based on the daughter’s character of The Addams family.

The first most popular film, “The Addams Family”, was aired in 1991, while “The Addams Family Values, was released in 1993. In both films, a well-loved character has been of Wednesday, played by Christina Ricci both times. The actress did justice to her character, and it was well-received by the audience. However, she’s returning to the franchise again, albeit in a different role.

While the news may be a bit of a disappointment but at least fans will see her again in the franchise. She’s playing a significant role, but much isn’t known about it yet. Her portrayal of Wednesday in both the films cemented her position in the industry to play strange characters, and she’s truly considered the only one who can truly portray Wednesday.

When asked about becoming part of Netflix’s Wednesday, Christina said she was honored to be asked by Tim Burton to be part of the series because he’s a genius. She further said becoming part of the new version is a big deal because it is part of her history and identity. Furthermore, Christina revealed that her character was fun and outrageous, which is very different from anything she’s done before. Her experience working with Jenna was great, and she hopes the series will be fantastic and well-received.

Well, fans will see Jenna Ortega in Wednesday’s role now in the upcoming series, and Christina fully supports her. The series is directed by Tim Burton and written by Al Gough and Miles Millar, who have also created Smallville. Other actors part of the cast include Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones, playing the ever-weird parents of Wednesday.

There isn’t a lot that has been revealed. However, from the little we know about it, the show will begin from Wednesday’s years spent at Nevermore Academy. The various adaptations of The Addams Family have been entertaining, so we hope this one will also be a hit.

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