Adriana Lima Will Not Anymore Go Bare for Any Empty Cause

NEW YORK CITY, USA – Adriana Lima, 36, Victoria’s Secret supermodel, expressed her thought in posing sexy. The Victoria’s Secret angel asserted that she will no longer strip off her clothes for an empty cause.

In an Instagram post, Adriana Lima captioned and articulated her thoughts regarding a possibility of doing a sexy video for social media content purposes. In her post, Victoria’s Secret angel conveyed that even though she did a lot of its kind – posing sexy for the content of any social media or print – something changed in her.

Adriana Lima stressed that it led her to think when a friend approached her to confess that she was unhappy about her body and how she looked. This managed Victoria’s Secret supermodel to think about her every morning thoughts – if her body is fit for the job and if her looks satisfy any modeling gig.

Moreover, Victoria’s Secret angel came to the realization of the probability that every woman always tries to fit into some stereotype that the society will be in favor of.

Adriana Lima Will Not Anymore Go Bare for Any Empty Cause

The Brazilian supermodel and a mother of two expressed that it should not be the way of living to be completely happy. Furthermore, she added that it was not physically and mentally healthy for every woman.

With high regards to her friend’s thoughts and the reflection of the society, the Victoria’s Secret supermodel decided to finally make a change to give a different perspective on how social media and the general society look at women.

The Victoria’s Secret angel moved to doing something that will give a positive impact. She decided to no longer take off her clothes and do sexy photo shoots or video shoots for an empty cause. If it will not serve better in the longer, she will not do it.

She finished her post by the hashtags #Embraceyourself, #natureisbeautiful, #naturalissexy, and #LOVEYOU.

With her willingness to change something from the usual or from the trend, it is expected that the society will have to modify the cause to accept women for who they are and what they really are physically.

This is also an inspiration to every woman that no matter what size, color, and appearance you have, it will not make you less of a person. Also, it should not be a requirement to conform to something you are not just because the society tells you so.

A lot of women feel pressure to look something or to look someone who is patterned to what society claims to be acceptable and/or beautiful. This is one of the reasons why women feel that they are not good enough or try to be something or someone they are not.

For many, this is something to look over to because it is a growing problem in the society that everyone, especially women, is being pressured about. Everyone seems to be after the looks and not the inside. Hence, women are pressured to be someone who is acceptable by the pattern of the society.

Adriana Lima is applauded by her big following for doing such move and inspiring others to accept and embrace themselves without any hesitation.

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