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The competitive scene on the video streaming adapter end of the market is an all out war. The competitors are mainly Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. All these four are well known brands and products as well. All of them have different pros and cons. This Amazon Fire TV review will let you in on 10 features that the Fire TV perfects with ease. As far as price is concerned, video streaming devices are inexpensive and available very low cost. The least is probably the Chromecast from Google.

Amazon has gone out of the line and prepared a premium device, which will cost the buyer a whopping $99, a lot more than what the others are asking for. This might just confuse the buyer and force him to consider option. Well after reading this article I think you should be quite clear about what you want.

Ten Most Important Features In The Fire TV

  • Predictive Streaming: The Fire TV intelligently selects and pre buffers videos similar to the one you are watching now. This feature has been perfected and rarely goes wrong. So there are no stops will watching and enjoying.
  • Gaming: The Fire allows more games than Angry Birds and Sodoku. Amazon has even developed a third person shooter exclusively for the device. They even have a controller which allows the game to be availed for free on purchase.
  • X-ray: This feature lets you seamlessly get information about the stuff you are watching. Facts like casts, reviews, names, etc are pulled up on demand.
  • Voice Interface: The voice search feature is another attribute that other outfits have toyed with, but not perfected. The Amazon TV has made sure that they hit the sweet spot and words are rarely misinterpreted.
  • Password Protection: Much like the child lock on regular television sets. This keeps the mature and explicit content out of the reach of children.
  • Choices: Streaming and watching videos seems like online shopping as the Fire TV brings up other offers on the same content, so that the user can go with the least priced option.
  • Casting: Sharing content across mobile devices and the Fire TV is a piece of cake and users can simply flick the content from their smart phones to the TV.
  • Pictures: The Fire also supports photo viewing. The ability to view pictures on the big screen or instantly upload recently clicked photographs with the click of a button is easy.
  • Clutter free: The device is a box device unlike the Chromecast, but then again it is not as huge and cluttered as the Roku.
  • Performance: The fact that the Fire TV is fast, smooth and user friendly makes it a winner. Unlike the complicated Apple TV, the Fire TV is easy to understand and use on a daily basis.

This extensive Amazon Fire TV review has been possible only after using the product over a period of a few weeks. All features and all kinds of situations, which may have been possible; all has been tested before putting down this review.

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