Amber Rose Dishes Out Breakup With AE on Social Media

TARZANA, Calif. – Amber Rose airs out the dirty laundry of her recently ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards, who most people know as AE, claiming he cheated on her with multiple women.

It turned out, the American model has had enough for AE and decided to share with everyone on social media the reason she decided to break up with her longtime boyfriend. The TV personality shared the unfortunate news via her Instagram Story, saying that she’s now distancing herself from AE.

Amber shared as much as she could in that lengthy and disheartening message. According to the Slutwalk founder, her longtime boyfriend cheated on her multiple times. It wasn’t only with a single woman, but 12 of them, she added.

Amber wrote in her story that she’s tired of always getting cheated on and feeling embarrassed behind the scenes. She confessed that she saw texts and DMs from multiple women, even though they know that AE is already in a relationship and has a baby with her.

But after condemning AE’s mistresses, Amber Rose explained that she knows those women don’t owe her any loyalty, but her boyfriend sure did. According to Amber, she shouldn’t be the only person fighting for their family. She’s remained transparent and loyal for a long time but hasn’t gotten the same in return.

But regardless of what Amber might be feeling after all the infidelities, she decided against dropping names who were allegedly AE’s mistresses. She isn’t in the business of ruining lives, but she’s done with the disrespect and lack of loyalty.

Unfortunately, AE isn’t even remorseful about everything. Only a few hours after Amber’s vulnerable post, he admitted to the accusations saying that it’s his nature. He can stop and give her a solid six months, but he doesn’t want to deprive himself.

AE also admitted that he gaslighted Amber Rose whenever she asks him questions about being unfaithful.

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