An Incredibly Disturbing Backlash Hits Grimes And Leaves Her Gagged For Defending Elon Musk

We all are familiar with the dazzling and scintillating Canadian singer Grimes who was completely unprepared for the backlash she receives on defending her boyfriend, Elon Musk. The actual name of the sizzling musician is Claire Elise Boucher and is associated with Tesla Co-founder since April 2018, following the exchange of love messages on Twitter.

After this Grimes and Elon had made Pink Carpet appearance at the Met Gala Weeks of the New York City. Just after this, the amazing singer became part of the scandal when she tried to stand up for her man of life. She constantly hits back at the statement suggesting that Elon Musk stopped one of the personnel from unionizing at the Tesla business and that he donated Republican political strategies. To this, she says “I was simply just unprepared” to The Wall Avenue Journal Magazine.


She further states that she has been wallowing in the Indie Tunes for around 10 years. She wanted to head along her funny ways when she had to react to a Tweet of someone on Fox News. This was again disturbing for her.

Since then the 31-year old singer is avoiding putting any public comment to defend her boyfriend. She is quiet about the business dealings of Musk and keeps her relationship also under wraps. For almost a year, she says good and positive things about her boyfriend. Although she avoids speaking in front of the media about her relationship with 47-year old Elon Musk, she groans at the very mention of Elon, saying that he is a super interesting godd**n person. She further says that she loves him for he is good. All through this, she hasn’t mentioned the name of Musk. South African Business Mogul, Elon, offers his complement for the singer too. He says “I love C’s wild fae artistic creativity”.

The news about Elon and Grimes in the relationship came just after the split of Amber Herd, the actress, and Elon.


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