Anastasiya Kvitko Flaunts Herself in a Skimpy Bikini

Often referred to as ‘Russian Kim Kardashian by most of her fans, Anastasiya Kvitko doesn’t shy to flaunt her curves. Habitually showing off her curves, she later put up a picture of herself on Instagram, which immediately got attention. Boasting a fan following of more than 10 million followers Anastasiya always updates steamy pictures for her fans.

Anastasiya left her fans amazed when she uploaded a picture of her in a pale pink bikini sitting on a yacht as she soaked up some sun. She has a sculpted and trimmed body, massive cleavage, toned arms, perfect curves, and slim legs.  

The Russian beauty’s silky long straight hair was parted to the side and it fell over her shoulders as she tilted her head slightly up. She used orange-tinted sunglasses to accessorize and wore natural make-up that perfected her look.

Anastasiya Kvitko wore a bronzed glow, applied pink blush over her cheeks and used a shimmery highlighter on her face. She matched his lip tint with her

– using a matte pale pink shape.

You can see the beautiful ocean and the bright blue sky with some clouds in the background on her picture.

Anastasiya Kvitko’s Fan Base

She never fails to impress her fans who, like earlier, showed their love for her by liking her picture instantly. The picture received more than 13,000 likes and over 400 comments within 15 minutes of posting her picture.

Some of the comments received on her picture from her fans included words like – “Gorgeous”, “You look fantastic”, “Babe”, “Lovely” and many more!

Although Anastasiya Kvitko has been compared to Kim Kardashian, she says that she was a much ‘higher level’ than her. She also said that Kim Kardashian was beautiful and she liked her, but she didn’t much appreciate when people compared it to her.

No Surgery Claim

Anastasiya said that she was getting popular by the day through social media and would be much more famous than Kim in no time. She claims that her body was different than Kim because she had never undergone any plastic surgeries. Praising herself, she said that her hip muscles were trained, her body was sporty and she had a beautiful bottom. Her face was free of any sort of plastic surgeries which gave her an upper hand from Kim Kardashian.

Who is Anastasiya Kviko?

Anastasiya Kvitko was born in Russia on November 25, 1994, and moved to Miami and then Los Angeles for modeling. She was turned down by many modeling agencies because of her curvy body measuring 37-24-42, but instead, she used to benefit her career. She is a glamour model and an entrepreneur today. Last year she was seen posting a picture with a plaster on her stomach. She said that she keeps her tummy flat using this plaster which is a product from her ‘Line of Innovation’. The plaster can burn excess fat when worn for eight hours she has claimed. Her fans thought of it otherwise. You can follow the gorgeous Anastasiya Kvitko on Instagram on her account.

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