Anthony Mackie Shares What Sets Apart Sam Wilson’s Captain America

The Avengers: Endgame has indeed captured the hearts of many fans. From unexpected plot twists to well-choreographed action scenes, you can bet that it is one of the films that made a mark in the entertainment industry.

One of the film’s many highlights is the retirement of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. In the film, you can see that he picked Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon, to be his successor, which was shown in the film by Rogers giving the shield to Wilson. After the events in the Endgame, Disney+ took over, showing Wilson’s journey alongside Bucky, also known as the Winter Soldier, in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” In most of the series, Wilson has tried hard to keep being the Falcon and avoid taking over the responsibility associated with the shield. Still, when he realized that Steve chose him and nobody else, that was when he decided to go for it towards the end of the series.

An upcoming film titled Captain America: New World Order will feature the events after Wilson’s decision in the series and how he will play the new role in a solo journey.

Anthony Mackie, the actor who plays Sam Wilson, shared what sets Sam apart from other heroes in the MCU. He said that his character is a regular man – no powers, no serum, no anything, just with a winged suit given by the military – who does all he does as a common man. He hopes to inspire people that when they look at his character, they can think that they can be a superhero, too, as opposed to when they look at, for example, the Hulk.

It is what’s going to be the center of Sam’s Captain America: seeing through the perspective of common people whom he tries to protect.

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