Apple Watch

What should you expect from Apple’s biggest personal gadget, the Apple Watch? Ever since its release dates were announced, speculation about the device has been on the rise from tech news and Apple’s admirers. April 24, that is the day when speculation ended for customers who had pre-ordered this device. Nonetheless, do not expect the devices in stores yet, perhaps until mid June to July.

What can this watch do?

Apple has confirmed the watch uses iOS 8.2, as such, it compatible with iPhone 5. This watch features lots of applications, which allows users entrée to emailing and social media communication. Additionally, you can make and receive calls using the device. Use it to tract your health progress each day. With this watch, whilst using iPhone you do not need to ask Siri for help, you can use it to inquire for directions even instructions. 

The Apple Watch is considered an ambitious project, perhaps because the project has not yet reached local stores. Therefore, the only cons of the devices are the waiting time and that it works with iPhone 5 only. The designs and color of the Watch will be dissimilar, but for now, experience the feel of this groundbreaking device exhibition at the Apple Store.  

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