Becky G Sues Over Failed Dr. Luke Water Deal

Singer/actress Becky G has launched legal action over a failed equity deal regarding producer Dr. Luke’s water company Core.

The Power Rangers star claims she felt forced to promote the bottled water brand on social media and in her music videos for years amid fears that Luke, who owns a significantpercentage of the firm, would “squash” her singing career and ditch her album release plans if she refused.

She eventually took issue with the hitmaker’s reported attempt to use her as a “singing billboard” for Core, and was allegedly promised 50,000 shares in the business, but now Becky argues company officials are reneging on the agreement as it is poised to be sold to bosses at Keurig Dr Pepper for $525 million.

In court papers obtained by, the 21 year old states, “Dr. Luke made it clear both directly and implicitly that (her) ability to have a music career would be tied to (her) continuing involvement in promoting Core.”

She is now demanding she be compensated for her work as a brand ambassador, which could net her at least $105 million if she is paid the minimum standard rate of 20 per cent.

Although Becky appears to be blaming Dr. Luke for the broken deal, he is not personally named as a defendant in the lawsuit against Core Nutrition bosses.

They have yet to respond to the Latin star’s allegations.

Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, is already embroiled in another high-profile legal dispute – he and singer Kesha have been locked in a bitter battle since 2014, when she attempted to sue him for the reported sexual, physical, and emotional abuse she allegedly endured during the 10 years they worked together at the start of her career. She also tried to free herself from her recording contract with his label, Kemosabe Records, but her bid was denied in 2016.

Luke vehemently dismissed her misconduct accusations, and subsequently countersued Kesha, charging her with defamation.

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