Bouncers at Jay-Z’s 4-0/40 Club in Atlantic City may face charges in beating (Video)

Ny Daily News: Bouncers at Jay-Z’s 4-0/40 Club in Atlantic City were caught on camera delivering a brutal beatdown of two ejected patrons and may face criminal charges, police said Monday. The Saturday morning scuffle was captured in a 50-second clip posted on YouTube, showing at least nine burly guards ganging up on the men at the nightspot’s parking lot.

They all throw in punches and some are seen at one point kicking a person who is lying on the ground. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” one of the victims yells. “I didn’t do nothing!” Shouts of “easy” can be heard in the background. “We came down to Atlantic City to have a good time, not to have the crap beat out of us,” one of the victims, Tyrell Durant, 26, said yesterday. “We did not do anything to deserve this.”

The man who videotaped the fight, giving only his stage name, DJ Zeke, said he was walking to his car after performing at the club when he saw the two patrons being sprayed with a fire extinguisher. He then turned the camera on. “I was disgusted by it,” DJ Zeke, 25, said of the beating. “That’s the only reason I had to make somebody see it.

Cops were called to the club at 4:20 a.m. and arrested Durant, 26, and Leonard Clark, 25, of Neptune, N.J., charging them with disorderly conduct, police said. Both were kicked out of the posh lounge after being accused of grabbing female guests and jostling with staff, sources said. Durant said he and Clark were at 4-0/40 to celebrate Clark’s birthday. Clark had just ordered chicken at the bar when a bouncer told him to move, Durant said. Clark protested, saying he was waiting for his food, and a bouncer began escorting him from the club, Durant said.

Durant said he followed Clark, asking why he was being ejected. He said security grabbed him and led the two of them down a steep staircase where Durant felt that he was about to fall and grabbed the closest person to him to keep his balance. Investigators were trying to identify the brawling bouncers so they can be charged too. Some of the potential suspects live in the city, according to sources. It wasn’t clear how many of the men in the video are club employees, but DJ Zeke said they all emerged from inside the establishment. “We have no comment on the tape that’s being circulated,” said a spokesman for the 4-0/40 Club, a $4 million upscale sports bar that opened in 2005 under the hip hop mogul’s ownership.

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