Britney Spears Is ‘Feeling Nervous’ After Shocking Court Testimony

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Famous pop star Britney Spears reportedly feels nervous after her first-ever public court testimony. 

As most fans know, Britney recently opened up about her conservatorship publicly for the first time. She made shocking court statements earlier this month that surprised a lot of her fans. Britney got candid about her life for the past years under the control of her father and conservator as she fights to gain back control over her life. 

After some shocking statements, the pop star is currently nervous about the outcome after opening up in court. According to reports, Britney badly wants to get out of her conservatorship and have freedom over her life and decisions. She’s anxiously waiting for the final decision from the judge regarding her conservatorship case. 

One insider explained that Britney Spears has been waiting to get out of her father’s clutches for years. She’s been fighting for her freedom and currently nervous about the outcome of it all. Fortunately, the pop star has a lot of people supporting her at the moment. Her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, is beside her and her millions of fans who have shown love and support towards her over the years. 

Britney Spear’s loyal fans have been beside her as she fights for her freedom, supporting her through the hashtag ‘Free Britney.’ According to some sources, the popstar is incredibly grateful for the support she’s getting over the years. Her fans have given her tremendous strength to fight for what she wants.

As for Britney’s court hearing, the pop star read her statement that lasted over 20 minutes. She stressed that her father has loved controlling every aspect of her life, including whether she gets married and has more kids or not. 

According to Britney Spears, she would have loved to have babies with her boyfriend, but her father wouldn’t approve of having her IUD removed to get pregnant. 

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