Candi Staton Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Candi Staton has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 78-year-old soul and gospel singer had just begun rehearsing for an Unstoppable Tour when she received this news. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer, but she isn’t going to give up and will fight with it.

The soul star exclaimed that she had been through several hardships in her life – bad relationships, domestic abuse, alcohol, and many other things but she had least expected a thing as cancer. She has had several ups and downs in both her professional and personal life dealing with five marriages some of which were abusive and finally when she was settling down after getting married for the sixth time she gets this news of cancer.

Staton says that she hadn’t revealed the diagnosis to everyone, but after contemplating on the situation and trying to get over the different emotions she finally came out. Now that she has revealed about her cancer she thinks her step will inspire other women to test themselves for cancer.

She reveals she located a lump by self-examining herself and which turned out to be cancer after it was medically diagnosed. Anyone can have cancer which is why Candi Staton encourages all women young and old to get a mammogram. Being young or having lived up to a certain age doesn’t make one immune to this condition.

Staton has been a soul singer for more than 65 years. Some of her best hits include ‘You Got the Love’ and ‘Young Hearts Run Free.’ Her latest album was released in August this year – ‘Unstoppable.’ She was also called ‘The first lady of Southern Soul’ for her performances of Elvis Presley’s ‘In the Ghetto’ and Tammy Wynette’s ‘Stand by Your Man.’

She is soon going to begin her chemotherapy on Tuesday which will last for 12 weeks.


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