Cardi B Tells Her Fans She Does Not Believe in Having “Bad Hair”

Cardi B wanted to boost her fans’ self-esteem with her latest Instagram post. You can check out the rapper’s social media post featuring clips and pics in a series she shared last weekend. 

In her Instagram post’s caption, Cardi B discussed her hair initially. She asked why every time she posted images of her natural hair, she would hear comments like she is a mixed-race who is supposed to have long hair. 

The mother of two children described such remarks as very misleading and false. You can read Cardi B shared in her Instagram post’s caption that she had been posting images of her hair journey for many years.

She pointed out that being a mixed-race person does not mean their hair is always curly and long, as she said that was not her case. The Grammy Award recipient told her more than 114 million Instagram followers that she had had trouble managing her hair since she was a child.

However, Cardi B said that she searched for various techniques that worked for her a couple of years ago, and fortunately, her hair has grown long. She pointed out that the problem lay in the past when the only hair products available were not good for consumers’ hair.

The “I Like It” rapper also relayed to her fans that going to the salon regularly was expensive, resulting in what people call “bad hair.” Cardi B said that today, people have better options when it comes to hair management.

She talked about affordable products and the YouTube and TikTok presentations about proper hair care. The famous owner of the Instagram handle @iamcardib informed her fans that “good hair” does not mean a specific texture and that there is no such thing as “bad hair.” 

She said that all kinds of hair are good. Cardi B ended her Instagram post, which has already amassed 4,458,010 likes at the time of writing, saying that she could not wait to present more of her hair care routines to her fans. 

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