Carolina rapper Derty Den jumps on Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” for an incredible remix

It’s very simple, when it comes to Derty Den, whether it’s on the podium stuntin, or behind the mic pumpin, he’s got a whole lot of petro to blaze a trail through the heart of Hip-Hop. The Carolina rapper is currently preparing the release of his new mixtape “Southern Dynasty”, mixed by DJ Hitz and sponsored by Stall and Dean ( and Flud Watches (, which is slated for release soon. Until his mixtape hits, he will be offering Hip-Hop fans an appetizers. The Future chart-topping rapper jumps on Jay-Z brand new song “D.O.A.” or “Death Of Autotune”, which is featured on Hov’s upcoming album “Blueprint 3”, and puts his own twist on it. Den aka Big Gates once again shows his word play, rich in metaphors and prophetic insight with his own “D.O.A.” version, produced by Kanye West and No I.D. “The ‘D.O.A.’ joint is the North Carolina and Southern version. I actually used the joint as a way to display my lyrical ability. It’s a wake up call to let the industry know that I’m not a fluke and I mean business. Style and swagga jacking shouldn’t be condoned but my way of saying I support Jay-Z and hundreds of others on this one,” Derty Den explained. Being covered in publications like The Source (“Indie Grind”), Ozone Magazine (“Patiently Waiting”), Juice Magazine (“Rep Your Hood”), Hip Hop Weekly (“Indie Grind”), France’s Rap US (“On The Run”) and getting features on major websites incl.,,,,, just to name a few, shows that people should watch out for this Carolina star in the making if they haven’t already paid attention. Official: MySpace: Twitter:



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