Celebrity Chef Madison Cowan Fails to Pay Rent for Several Months

New York City – Numerous suspicions arose when building owner Gus Sheha revealed that British celebrity chef Madison Cowan had failed to make rent for the past 28 months. 

Madison Cowan currently resides in a one-bedroom apartment in 

Boerum Hill is under a two-year lease. Sheha claims that Madison owes close to $73,700 In unpaid rent from the accumulated monthly rent of $2,700. 

One might ask, “Is Cowan broke, or is this some elaborate ploy to beat the system?”

Unfortunately, Cowan failed to comment on these allegations, providing only a notice to Sheha that his business has declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people accuse Cowan of beating the system to take advantage of the eviction ban proposed by the American government designed for the pandemic. 

Sheha wanted to file a lawsuit against Cowan if “COVID-19 hadn’t been in place”. Instead, Sheha provided Cowan with a 90-day eviction notice to inform him to leave the premises by May 1. Despite these threats, Cowan still failed to provide any further justification to his landlord. 

It is unlikely that his business has declined so significantly to make him broke, especially with the numerous income sources from television. Sheha is skeptical of how broke he can be, especially if “he leaves his house wearing a different fur every day.”  

Madison Cowan is a British celebrity chef currently residing in New York. He became the Grand Champion of Chopped, a television series on Food Network. He is a co-star in BBC’s No Kitchen Required and a judge for Food Network’s Extreme Chef. 

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