Chris Brown Starts His 180 Days of Community Service

Seems Chris Brown is trying to make his community service for his 180 day sentence into a publicity opportunity. The 20 year old singer was in Virginia today and began his community labor portion of his assault sentence for his part in the domestic abuse violation against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

It wasn’t hard to figure out where he would be doing his community service. The singer went to the popular speaking board and tweeted “on my way to community service”. Wasn’t long before paparazzi were sworming the Virginia police department horse stables for their peek into the singers day out in the sun.

As part of his community service, Brown was ordered to clean the horse stables, pick up trash, and “smile pretty for the cameras”. “There were so many paparazzi at the station that it was almost like a red carpet event,” one eye witness stated.Brown also tweeted “CHECK OUT MY OUTFIT” … later on in the day as he also posted pictures of him in the usual bright orange reflective vest that day laborers have to wear and his hat turned to the back and pants sagging.

“The Police Department has guaranteed the judge that they will handle the situation.”

Aside from cleaning the stables, Brown was also ordered to clean up graffiti, pick up trash along the highways, and wash police cars.

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