Chris Daughtry’s Family Reveals Late Stepdaughter’s Dilemmas

Last November 2021, you can remember the report that spread like wildfire about Chris Daughtry’s family member. This “American Idol” alumni’s stepdaughter, Hannah Price, tragically passed away at just 25 years old.

This week, you will discover an official statement released by Chris Daughtry’s family. They confirmed that they are able to discuss in further detail at this point following law enforcement’s complete probe.

Chris Daughtry’s family cited that Hannah had sought treatment and was in and out of her therapist’s clinic. You will also learn that the late stepdaughter of the “Home” singer struggled to discover her footing as she got older.

You will feel astonished to find out from the official statement of Chris Daughtry’s family that the late Miss Price had commenced using drugs and frequently found herself in abusive relationships when she was still alive. 

They also disclosed that Hannah was shot in the face and was a crime victim merely months after losing her biological Dad to suicide. The family of Christopher Adam Daughtry confirmed that they performed everything they could to support their now-deceased family member, getting the aid she required to recuperate from the tragedies and get her existence back on track. 

Additionally, they remarked that they had recently made plans with the late Hannah for her to seek further treatment and move closer to her clan. Hannah Price passed away last November 12, 2021. 

You will find it heartrending to learn from Chris Daughtry’s family that his young stepdaughter actually took her own life, similar to what her biological Dad had done. Hannah reportedly contacted her relatives on the morning of her passing, informing them that she was afraid for her life. 

The deceased member of Chris Daughtry’s family also reportedly affirmed that her boyfriend stole her car and physically assaulted her. Hannah’s relatives contacted the police, and when the authorities visited her home, they spoke to her and disclosed that the victim seemed alright. 

However, you will find out that Miss Price’s boyfriend went back to her home later that day only to discover her hanging. The police did not find any evidence of foul play. Furthermore, an autopsy report revealed Chris Daughtry’s family member passed away with narcotics in her system.

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