Cindy McCain Says Daughter Meghan Makes Her ‘Cringe’

SEDONA, Ariz. – Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain’s mom, admits that her daughter’s sudden outburst on ‘The View’ makes her cringe.

Fans know and are incredibly familiar with how Meghan McCain can be too passionate while speaking out about various topics on the show. Fans and followers are quite taken with her unapologetic comments, but as it turns out, her mom, Cindy McCain, isn’t always impressed.

While on an interview with Andy Cohen, Cindy told the host that her daughter still makes her cringe sometimes. She shared that often, she’s not an absolute fanatic of Meghan’s outburst on television.

The comments came after Andy asked Cindy whether Meghan’s explosive commentaries with co-hosts on the show bother Cindy or not. Cindy was quite open in admitting that you always want to teach your kids to be more polite and nicer to people and everything else as a mother. It’s why her daughter’s fiery arguments make her cringe a bit, she said.

However, Cindy also admitted that while she understands that it is her daughter’s job, everything still bothers her sometimes. Still, Cindy is quite a proud mother and has many positive things to say about Meghan.

Cindy shared that she’s pleased with her daughter and her career, saying that she’s doing a great job. She also commended Meghan for standing up, although too passionately at times, for what she believes in, which is all a mother can ask for. Cindy also added that her daughter is smart and appreciates her platform. While she doesn’t always agree with Meghan, she appreciates everything she does.

Cindy also shared that her daughter’s fiery nature is not a new thing, which is why she’s not quite shocked with how Meghan is on the show. Additionally, she admitted that the family likes to call Meghan John McCain in a dress because of her unapologetic attitude.

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