Son of The Notorious B.I.G., CJ Wallace, Is Working On His Debut Album

The inescapable talent of late Notorious B.I.Gs’ son Christopher Jordan “CJ” Wallace was discovered after he had his screen debut role-playing the younger version of his father, dying when CK was just a baby, in the motion picture Notorious.


CJ Wallace

Proceeding on with his acting interest in the film Kicks from the year 2016, Wallace has now publicly announced his plans of him following in his fathers’ footsteps right into the music scene.

The Evening Standard informed that CJ Wallace will link up with his half-brother Joshua Jahad Russaw, the child of music expect Todd Russaw and CJs mother Faith Evans.

During the same interview, Wallace also shares that he has plans to turn his focus to filmmaking with a project about autism, of which his youngest half-brother suffers from.

“I’d like to tell the story of what he is going through. A lot of people don’t understand the issue. I want to bring awareness to that and special needs in general,” he explained.

“At a young age I always knew I wanted to do music, it was inevitable,” he told the London publication. “My family has always had my back, whatever I’ve wanted to do they’ve supported. They were always giving me advice on what to do and how to go about things.”

Wallace announces that he and Russaw have plans to release the debut project sometime later on in late 2017.

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