Clear Wireless Brings Affordable 4G Mobile Internet Service to Atlanta

 Having reliable internet connection is as vital as breathing these days. Imagine living in a world where you could only breathe effortlessly at home and in order to breathe on the go you had to run to the nearest library or coffee shop. Imagine yourself paying a cell phone service provider $70 or more a month to breathe at a slow undesired pace. Imagine paying roaming fees for breathing outside of your coverage area. Well you can continue to breathe with restrictions or you can begin to breathe a little easier, due to CLEAR™ Mobile Internet making it okay to inhale and exhale without all the terms and conditions.

CLEAR is A 4G mobile internet that’s powered by WiMAX technology. With CLEAR Mobile Internet, you can have internet access wherever you go starting at $40 a month, which provides internet coverage over areas that are larger than Wi-Fi.

“CLEAR offers super fast mobile internet that gets you online across an entire city. You can stream movies, TV, play online games and video chat on the go, at speeds as fast as at home.”

CLEAR has several products and services for home and business usage. There WiMAX ready modems, mobile devices, laptops and netbooks, voice adapter, etc., services are available as soon as you purchase the software, without the usual tedious installation process. CLEAR’s home plan starts at $20 a month, while the business plan peaks at $40 a month.

“With affordable pricing, flexible options and plug and play set up, CLEAR eliminates hassles and gives you choices. So you get a full internet experience on your terms, at home or on the go”.

CLEAR coverage is currently available in Portland, OR, Atlanta, GA, and Las Vegas, NV. For more information on CLEAR Wireless services and products, visit


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