Close Source: Lil Wayne Does Not Even Have a Gun

A close source has spoken regarding the latest incident involving Lil Wayne. The unnamed spokesperson affirmed that they are not supporting the claims of one of the rapper’s bodyguards.

You can read from several entertainment news sources that Lil Wayne is being accused of recently harming one of his bodyguards. According to the entertainment news outlet The Shade Room, the bodyguard reportedly took some pictures of the rapper and leaked them to the media.

That incident reportedly made Lil Wayne furious that he decided to terminate his security personnel. When this bodyguard went to the bathroom before leaving his celebrity employer’s Hidden Hills mansion in California, the latter allegedly pulled out an AR-15.

If you are curious, the latter is a kind of assault rifle. Then, the bodyguard in question ran out of Lil Wayne’s home, headed to the gated neighborhood’s security guard shack, and called the police. 

You will find out that the police did arrive at Lil Wayne’s home. However, the 39-year-old rapper, who is also known by his other names like The President, Baby D, Weezy F. Baby, and Tunechi, was reportedly not there to deliver his side of the story.

Meanwhile, the close source reportedly strongly denied that the incident involving Lil Wayne and his bodyguard ever took place. They also clarified that the New Orleans, Louisiana native does not even possess a gun. 

Furthermore, you may find the bodyguard’s allegation questionable as the police did not find any injuries or marks from the altercation in his body. Finally, even making matters more suspicious is Lil Wayne’s bodyguard confirming disinterest in pressing charges against the rapper.

It is unclear at this point when everything about the incident went down. The police officers are still probing the incident involving Lil Wayne and one of his bodyguards at the time of writing.

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