Cody Simpson Dishes on Past Romance With Miley Cyrus

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Cody Simpson shared a glimpse of his relationship with Miley Cyrus, and fans are all waiting for the tea.

During his interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the Aussie singer dished out on his past romance with Miley Cyrus. As most fans know, Miley and Cody started dating in October 2019, but it’s been ten months since they ended the relationship, and he’s spilling the tea on the reason for the breakup.

The host asked him about what happened between him and Miley and why their romance ended, and Cody was keen to share about it. The Aussie singer said he’d known Miley for a long time and was always a creative person. They’ve been good friends for a long while until they ended up being together. But their relationship ultimately ended, but amicably, he said. Cody called the romance one of those ‘phases’ that people go through and learn from it.

The singer shared that they ended their relationship before 2020 ended but said they would remain friends.

Besides Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson has dated quite many high-profile names, including Gigi Hadid. He also got romantically linked in the past with Kylie Jenner and Lindsay Lohan’s sister, Ali.

The pop star also dished on his quick shot to fame after getting signed at 13. Cody said that he had to adjust to the spotlight very quickly and that he was blinded by everything early in his years. He also shared that he didn’t know anything about that life and was naive about conducting himself.

Meanwhile, the Aussie pop star is now busy trying to achieve his Olympic dream. The 24-year-old spent around a decade away from pro swimming. He was an award-winning swimmer in Australia back in 2009 before his career as an artist took off, and he went to New York. However, it seems that Cody is back in the pool, putting his music career on hold, and fans are all here to support him.

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