Court Ordered Stalker to stay away from Smallville actress Allison Mack

Smallville fame actress, Allison Mack won the case against an accused harasser who was living in front of her house. The alleged harasser has been identified as 53 years old, Thomas Sekera from Ohio. According to the reports, the man used to live in a camp outside the house of Allison, and he had harassed the star on several occasions earlier this month. To one of the news channel, Allison Mack had said that she has seen Sekera several times peeking through the house windows which made her really uncomfortable.

Allison further told to one of the news agencies that Sekera used to knock right at the front door and used to lie about his identity. Mack said that Sekera uses to tell her parents that he was sent to provide legal assistance to Mack.  Sekera had a murky past, back in 2001; he was booked on criminal charges when he pulled a handgun on the face of his neighbor’s fiancé. One of Mack’s neighbors told the police that Sekera even tried to harass him and his wife since they aren’t white. Furthermore, Sekera is also charged with several traffic violations back in 2014.

At presen,t actress Allison Mack is under house arrest after she was booked for sex trafficking women to an NXIVM cult society. Though Mack has pleaded not guilty against the charges she is about to face the court in March 2019. Allison was released from the jail on the bail of $ 5 million, and at present, she is pursuing a college degree. Prosecutors have charged Mack for recruiting women for DOS, a sub-society of NXIVM.

Prosecutors further told that the women were tattooed by the secret society, and then these women used to have sex with masters. The tattoos have initials of Keith Raniere, who is also charged along with Allison Mack.

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