COVID-19-Positive LeBron James Means Bad News for LA Lakers

You will feel astonished with today’s report about a coronavirus or COVID-19-positive LeBron James. If you are among the millions of fans of this Los Angeles Lakers superstar, you can tell that this development can lead to many repercussions for his basketball team.

Before the news about a COVID-19-positive LeBron James made it to the newspapers’ headlines, sports reporter Shams Charania reported that the 36-year-old LeBron Raymone James, Sr., would have to miss Tuesday night’s basketball game of his team against the Sacramento Kings.

This event comes as LeBron James was informed to enter safety and health protocols. However, you will learn that things became actually much worse for the Los Angeles Lakers’ power forward.

What happened was Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed a COVID-19-positive LeBron James. This sports columnist and reporter remarked that the Akron, Ohio-born National Basketball Association superstar must miss at least ten playing days because of coronavirus or COVID-19 protocols.

Indeed, you can confirm that a COVID-19-positive LeBron James is a present sad reality. James tested positive for the coronavirus. 

At the time of writing, he is undergoing quarantine, which is a must. You may wonder until when the COVID-19-positive LeBron James must be in this situation.

Well, your favorite basketball star has to quarantine until he can muster two consecutive negative polymerase chain reaction or PCR tests. You can tell that this latest development is a horrible scenario for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The COVID-19-positive LeBron James’s celebrated basketball team could very well end up losing out on LeBron James for up to four or five basketball games. As you know, the Los Angeles Lakers team has struggled mightily throughout their captain’s career when he is not in the lineup.

So, you can tell that you can join the Los Angeles Lakers in feeling terribly sad as they are about to be without the most important basketball player in the world again.

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