Dave Chappelle Revealed Why He’s Not Active on Social Media

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Famous stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle spilled his guts about the reason why he’s not active on social media platforms.

While most celebrities are active and regularly updating their social media accounts, there are a few famous names, like Dave Chappelle, who continuously steer away from spilling their guts online. Like most fans know, the famous American stand-up comedian doesn’t use Twitter, much to their dismay. Of course, many people online would enjoy his antics, but Dave Chappelle has always steered away from the blinding lights of social media, and he’s revealed the reason why.

During his guesting on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the comedian explains why he’s not active on social media and why he’s never used Twitter. Dave Chappelle was on the show to promote his latest podcast with Talib Kweli and Yasin Bey, Midnight Miracle.

Besides promoting his new podcast, the comedian also talked about his aversion to social media even during quarantine when everyone took to the online world to have a sense of social life. When Fallon asked Chappelle why he’s never tweeted him, the comedian mischievously called the famous social platform a bathroom wall.

He told Fallon that he doesn’t want to write all his thoughts on a bathroom wall. Chappelle also made a dig on Donald Trump, who has been quite active on the platform. He also naughtily told the show host never to edit what he said.

It is not the first time Chappelle spoke out about the reason behind his absence on famous social media platforms. During one of his interviews in 2017, the comedian opened up about not wanting to spill his guts where everyone on the internet can see or read it.

He also talked about the boycott of his show ‘The Chappelle Show’ in the interview, saying that he’s been incredibly grateful to the fans for all the support. As most people know, the comedian previously asked his fans to boycott his show until Comedy Central renegotiated the deal with him.

Last update was on: August 12, 2023 2:03 pm

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