David Adefeso Attends Tucson Charity Event

Last weekend, David Adefeso was in Tucson, Arizona, to participate in the 15th Annual Tucson Classics Car Show organized by the Rotary Club of Tucson. The entrepreneur took to his official Instagram account with the handle @david.adefeso to share his weekend itinerary.

When you check out the clip, it seems like David Adefeso was in Tucson’s airport or an airport close to this Arizona city with his niece Danielle. He captioned his Instagram post describing the latter as “@NCAA PAC 10 champion @danielleadefeso.”

Moreover, David informed his more than 106,000 Instagram followers via the Instagram caption that his group would be spending time with “the amazing folks” of the Rotary Club of Tucson, which he referred to using the official Instagram handle of that weekend’s charity event, “@classiccarshowoftucson.”

David Adefeso was in Tucson at the time when the Rotary International turned 100 years old and is planning to have a centennial celebration, per the 51-year-old businessman. 

Finally, the caption for David’s Instagram clip also included himself informing his fans that he had got to go and see for himself as he had heard there would be international spectators participating in the Arizona happening.

As David Adefeso was in Tucson over the weekend, he inquired what “fun stuff” his fans would be doing that weekend. When you check out the succeeding posts David shared on his Instagram account, you can see himself and his companions with the classic cars, and they obviously looked like they enjoyed themselves.

If you are curious, the 15th Annual Tucson Classics Car Show happened last Saturday, October 16, and the Rotary Club of Tucson organized it. You can tell that as David Adefeso was in Tucson, he certainly enjoyed his time as there were over 500 sport, antique, classic, and hot rod cars exhibited in the event.

You can also say that the weekend of Tamar Braxton’s ex-boyfriend was well-spent, considering that the Tucson Classics Car Show has granted more than US$1.7 million to local charities. 

You will find it interesting and worthy that the funds raised for these past shows have assisted the Tucson community, children’s literacy, women and teenagers in need, and vocational training in that area.

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