David Beckham Gets Emotional on Instagram About the Queen’s Passing

The whole world continues to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Although it happened last September 8, it seems time stopped as people paid their respects to the late monarch. People from different industries and jobs of life queued up to ensure they saw the Queen as she lay in Westminster Hall. Spotted in the crowd was former athlete David Beckham.

David Beckham felt emotional and expressed his thoughts on his Instagram account. He took a photo of the Queen in her casket and said in his post that the Queen had now returned to the palace. He said the world lost an exceptional leader who led with inspiration and compassion.

Beckham also said that the world witnessed a wonderful family with great traditions and rituals mourning the passing, not of a Queen, but a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Furthermore, Beckham believed that everyone who showed up at the Queen’s wake was a testament to how the world viewed the Queen – loved and well-respected. The people’s sorrow is another proof of how the Queen has impacted the lives of those under her wing.

David kept it low-key when he paid his respects to the Queen. The 47-year-old athlete waited for more than 12 hours along with other people. People said he tried to brighten up some people’s day by buying them donuts. When several people started to recognize him, they requested photos and selfies, which he denied until he could pay his respects to Her Majesty the Queen.

For David Beckham, the Queen’s service life touched many’s lives. He said in his post that it was amazing to witness an outpour of love and respect for the late monarch.

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