Disney World Sets Out to Expand Theme Park in 2018

New York City, NY – The Disney Company will be launching a grand extension for their theme park this coming year of 2018.

Families who are planning to take on trips this coming New Year are anticipating brand-new rides and attractions to debut in the theme park by the beginning of next year.

One of the most awaited aspects of the Disney World expansion is the Toy Story Land which will open during the summer of next year situated at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Hollywood Studios.

The company itself has admitted that many families are excited with the opening, adding that as early as today there are already plenty of reservations for kids and adults alike who want to be one of the first people to ride in the new amusement park.

Universal Orlando Resort will also open a new theme park featuring the Fast and the Furious film. In this brand new entertainment site, customers will be immersed in a story featuring a high-speed race. They will be made to ride a bus as the story unfolds. Upon the ending of the story, the people will get to indulge in a race after party.

Disney World Sets Out to Expand Theme Park in 2018

It is also good to note that Universal Orlando Resort will be opening its new hotel Aventura the same time as the new attraction site. The hotel is a 16-story building that can accommodate up to 600 guests. It also has 16 suites for children, not to mention a grill and rooftop bar. It is good to note that it is the first time in history that Universal has ever instigated a rooftop bar in all its history.

Meanwhile, in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, DreamWorks Theatre will immerse people in a sort of augmented reality featuring the Kung Fu Panda movies. It is not the typical adventurous story type people often come across on entertainment studious.

This one utilizes virtual reality facilities to make the guests experience being with one of their favorite Disney characters. An example would be how they plan on making use of project mapping and LED lights to portray a near-reality atmosphere for the guests. The end goal is to create 3D objects into interactive displays.

Infinity Falls, which is a twist raft ride will also join the company this coming 2018. The ride is initiated with an elevator taking the guests approximately 40-feet above water, and then the fun begins with the guests dropping down the river at a 12-meter height.

The raft retreats at a rainforest where the guests will learn more about forest conservation. Infinity falls isn’t just filled with thrill and excitement. The place is also surrounded by jungle-like displays making the guests feel like they are in a lost civilization type of scenario. The guests will pass through a village where they will learn about a great issue that could have been avoided and prevented through conservation. Thus, the whole family will leave the theme park with a moral lesson.

This is the part of the theme park expansion that has gathered a lot of excitement from people because apart from being a fun-filled water ride, it also offers beneficial knowledge at the end of the package.

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