DJ Vlad Wins $300,000 Lawsuit Against Rick Ross

Today a NY Judge has awarded DJ Vlad $300,000 to resolve a causa with Rick doc that stems backwards to August 2008. DJ Vlad was represented by Brian Caplan who fought adamantly for his client.

The incident stems from the 2008 Ozone Awards. DJ Vlad and Rick doc were backstage at the Ozone awards when Dj Vlad prefabricated the nonachievement of asking Rick doc most the C.O. rumors. Rick doc walked absent and after 10 of Rick’s gathering jumped DJ Vlad leaving him maltreated and battered. Among the injuries questionable to hit been suffered by Vlad in the move are a revilement that required heptad stitches beneath digit of his eyes, threesome facial fractures, a corneal corrasion and doable imperishable cheek damage

More info to come…

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