DMX Wants Promoters To Fix Fight So He Wins

Seems that rapper DMX is signing up for just about anything to put some money in his pockets. The Yonkers, NY native wants to prove that he can do something other than go to jail every other week. X has signed on with a promotional team called “Thunder Promotions” to do a Celebrity Boxing Match in Alabama where he will fight a psuedo actor named Eric Martinez- but there’s one catch to this whole thing; X will only participate in the fight if the promoters agree that he will win.

Agree? Maybe it’s me, but in a fight, aren’t you supposed to just fight and let your hands and skills of ducking and dodging do the talking? Well DMX and the folks in his camp had other ideas.

Once X and his team signed on to participate in the 3-round fight, the reps for X submitted an addendum to the initial contract which stated: “Event promoter and Management agree that [DMX] is scheduled to win Boxing Challenge”, further adding, “All parties agree that this event has been scheduled only to occur in fun and that the artist involved is not a professional boxer.”

Needless to say, Thunder Promoters did not sign the contract stating that they never agreed to fix anything and that’s not how they operate. Subsequently, DMX has now threatened to bow out of the whole thing if they don’t agree to his demands, but the promoters have already begun looking for someone else to replace X and are in the processing of filing a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Clearly from the looks of the picture DMX shouldn’t be worried. He’s at least a head taller than Martinez but Martinez appears to be heavier. The fight is supposed to occure on Dec. 12 in Birmingham, AL if everything works out.

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